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Texas Map Kit

Texas Map Kit is a handy After Effects project that’s an invaluable addition to your library of motion graphics assets. The project is made up of all 254 counties of Texas, individually masked and separated onto 3D layers… so you can scale, position, hide, animate and alter as required.

Use a photo, video or logo as your main asset to represent the Lone Star State. Add a background and you’re ready to render! Use the included animation of all the counties combining, or animate the camera and the individual counties to tell your own story. Also includes map markers. Show the location of cities, landmarks, outlets or areas of interest throughout Texas. Animate and color the markers and the map to match your branding. Use as few or as many as you need to show multiple locations across Texas.

Great for infographics, news items, documentaries, corporate videos and commercials. The project has been created in 4K resolution, but you can easily change the output to 2K, 1080p or 720p when rendering. Why spend hours, if not days, masking out all the individual counties when Texas Map Kit is all set up and ready to go!

Please note that aside from the main animation of all of the counties combining, all of the animations in the preview video are just ‘serving suggestions’, and are not included. The still images and videos used (aside from the US Flag) are not included either. Just add the perfect footage and photos and you’re good to go!

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Due to the large number of counties in Texas, this is our biggest map kit yet. As a result, you’ll need a pretty high spec machine if you want to use lights, shadows and depth of field all at once. An i7 with 16GB of RAM or more would be recommended. However, if you turn shadows and depth of field off, then a dual core i5 with about 8GB or RAM will be more than sufficient. Details on reducing render times, and making the project more manageable, are included in the instructions. The animation of the counties combining is the most intensive when it comes to your specs, as there’s so many layers close to the camera… if you’re creating animations like most of the examples in the preview video, then it should be a lot less processor and RAM intensive.

  • 3840×2160, 29.97fps, 12 seconds.
  • Works with After Effects CS6 and later. No plugins required.
  • 12 seconds duration, but easily extended or shortened.
  • Instructions included.
  • All counties are individual 3D layers. Animate or alter as required.
  • The audio used in the preview, ‘Technology Corporation Background by Sound_Cat’, is not included, but can be bought here.

By purchasing an extended license, I authorize VideoHive authors to include renders made using this template in their own marketplace items.

Thanks for looking, and make sure to check out my other map kits, clips, audio tracks and compositing assets! If you need something specific that isn’t in my portfolio, like a specific state or country, then get in touch via my profile page and hopefully I can help.

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